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Custom Basketball Shorts
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Welcome to our collection of custom basketball shorts, where personalization meets performance. Whether you’re part of a recreational team, league, or simply love expressing your individuality on the court, our sublimated basketball shorts offer endless design possibilities. Customize every detail, from colors to patterns, logos, and more, to create a unique look that reflects your team’s spirit and style. Explore our diverse range of styles, including reversible options, and unleash your creativity today.

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Where Performance Meets Personality!

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Craft Your Perfect Basketball Short

Unleash your team’s unique personality and elevate your game with custom sublimated shorts from Bendy Sports. Our sublimation printing process offers unparalleled design flexibility, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind look that reflects your team’s style. From vibrant colors to intricate patterns and logos, your imagination is the only limit.

Elevate Your Team’s Style
with Personalized Basketball Shorts


At Bendy Sports, we believe in empowering your team’s creativity without any extra design charges. Whether you upload your artwork or work with our designers, you can personalize your basketball shorts without worrying about additional fees.


We understand the importance of getting every detail right. That’s why we provide a 48-hour proofing window, allowing you to review and approve your design before it goes into production, ensuring your custom basketball shorts meet your highest expectations.


Our sublimated basketball shorts are crafted with premium inks and fabrics, ensuring vibrant colors and long-lasting durability. Experience the perfect blend of style and performance on the court.


We understand the importance of having your custom basketball shorts ready for game day. Choose from our 15-Day Standard, 10-Day Express, or 5-Day Express+ production times to ensure your team is equipped with their personalized uniforms when they need them.

Unleash Your Creativity,
Vibrant Colors,
From Concept to Court,
Your Vision Realized

Sublimation Perfection: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Team!

5 Step Design Process


Choose Your Style

Kick start your custom design journey by selecting the ideal basketball shorts style for your team. From classic cuts to reversible options, we offer a variety of fits and designs to suit your performance and style preferences.


Select Your Design

Let your team’s personality shine through with our user-friendly design tools. Upload your artwork, choose from our design templates, or work with our talented designers to create a one-of-a-kind look that sets you apart on the court.


Decorate with Sublimation

Using advanced sublimation printing technology, we infuse your designs into the fabric fibers, ensuring vibrant colors and long-lasting durability. Say goodbye to peeling or cracking, and hello to a custom look that withstands the test of time.


Create Your Roster

Customize each short with individual names and numbers, adding a personal touch to your team’s uniforms. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the roster details – simply enter ‘1’ in any size, and your design can be saved.


Finalize Your Creation

With your design finalized and roster complete, it’s time to bring your custom shorts to life. Submit your order and let our skilled production team transform your vision into a reality on the court.

Let Bendy Sports help you design your own basketball shorts a look that’s as unique as your team.

Reversible Adult & Youth

Versatility meets personalization with our reversible custom team shorts for men and youth.

Standard Adult & Youth

Unleash your creativity and stand out on the court with our custom-designed basketball shorts for men and youth.

Reversible Womens & Girls

Unlock endless possibilities with our reversible custom team shorts for women and girls.

Standard Womens & Girls

Express your team’s individuality with our custom-designed basketball shorts for women and girls.

Discover Your Team’s Unique Style: Explore Our Custom Basketball Shorts

Whether you’re a recreational team looking to stand out on the court our custom basketball shorts offer endless possibilities. With our user-friendly uniform builder, premium materials, and fast production times, we make it easy to bring your team’s vision to life. Take the first step today and elevate your game with a short that reflects your team’s personality and style. Start your design journey now and let Bendy Sports help you.

Rapid Turnaround, Game-Ready Designs

Gear up quickly with our fast production times tailored to your needs. 15-Day Standard, 10-Day Express, or 5-Day Express+

* Not all production times are available on every jersey.

Flexibility for Every Team, Every Order

Start small with our low initial minimum order of 6 iteams and enjoy no minimum reorders. Allowing you to add players without any worries.

Premium Performance, Lasting Durability

Experience comfort and durability with our premium fabric selections.

Personalization Without Limits

Customize your shorts effortlessly with included personalization options at no extra cost.

Unleash Your Creativity, No Boundaries

Let your imagination run wild with our unlimited design options thanks to sublimation printing.

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