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2 1/2″ wide tie headband
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Fabric Options: Active Cloth or Bids Eye Mesh

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Welcome to Bendy Sports, your premier destination for top-tier CUSTOM SPORTS HEADBANDS crafted with passion and precision by Champro. We understand that sports are not just about the game; they’re about expressing yourself and standing out in the crowd. That’s why we’ve curated a collection that speaks volumes of personal style while offering the functional benefits athletes demand. Dive into our exclusive range and find the perfect companion for your sports journey.

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Athletic Precision, Personalized Style

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  • Victory Waits for No One
  • Versatility at Its Best

Craft Your Custom Sports Headbands Today!

Are you ready to stand out on the field? Bendy Sports custom headbands are not just accessories; they are a statement of your team’s unity, and relentless pursuit of victory. Crafted with passion and precision, our headbands are a testament to your dedication. Don’t just play the game; redefine it. Customize your headband today and let your team’s true colors shine!

Experience the Bendy Sports Difference
Customization Features That Our Uncomplicated


Design to your heart’s content without worrying about the cost. With Bendy Sports, creativity knows no bounds – or extra fees.


Why wait when you can proceed with confidence? Receive your design proof within 48 hours, ensuring your vision is perfectly captured before production begins.



Experience the luxury of premium inks and fabrics that stand the test of time, and the rigors of the game. Comfort, durability, and style – we’ve got it all.


Choose from our flexible production timelines – 15-Day Standard, 10-Day Express, or 5-Day Express+ and get back to the game faster, in style.

Unleash Your Team Spirit:
Personalize Your Dream Sublimated Headbands!


Full-Dye Sublimation Printing: Your Design Journey Begins Here!

5 Step Design Process


Choose Your Personalized Style

Unearth the treasure trove of styles that Bendy Sports offers. Sleek broad and bold styles, select the headband that resonates with your team’s vibe. It’s not just a headband; it’s your first stride towards victory!


Design a Winning Headband

Dive into our ocean of designs or bring your own – the canvas is yours. With Bendy Sports expertise, your vision will leap from the drawing board to reality, crafting headbands that scream uniqueness.


Decorate Custom Headbands

Colors and patterns that tell your story. Premium inks that make your headband not just a piece of fabric, but a banner of your triumph. Here, every decoration adds to your legacy.


Add Your Team Roster

Every team member is unique, and so should be their headband. Add names, numbers, or logo – because when the game gets tough, it’s the unity that shines through. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the roster details – simply enter ‘1’ in any size, and your design can be saved.


Submit Your Personalized Headbands

Submit your design with confidence. Our team at Bendy Sports, powered by Champro’s precision, is ready to bring your custom sports headbands to life. It’s not just a submission; it’s the beginning of a journey.

Let us help you design your custom sports headbands a look that’s as unique as your team.

Ready, Set, Customize!
Choose Your Sport:

From the initial concept to the final cheer, Bendy Sports offers an immersive customization experience. Discover the limitless design possibilities, premium quality materials, and the ease of bringing your sports headbands to life.

Unleash Your Team Spirit with Custom Sports Headbands!

Why Bendy Sports?

Bendy Sports is more than just a name—it’s a promise. A promise of quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction. With Champro’s manufacturing excellence and our passion for personalization, we’re here to ensure your team stands out, not just for how you play, but for how you look. Custom athletic headbands, sublimated headbands, personalized headbands—whatever you call them, we deliver them with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Lead Times Tailored to Your Timeline

Speed to Match Your Spirit: Choose from:
-15-Day Standard: Perfect for planning ahead, our standard lead time ensures your custom headbands are crafted with care and precision, arriving ready for the big game.
-10-Day Express: For those tight on time, our express option accelerates the process without compromising on quality.
– 5-Day Express+: When you need your headbands yesterday, this is your go-to. Lightning-fast production meets Bendy Sports’ unwavering standards.

* Not all production times are available on every jersey.

Minimum Order Requirements That Match Your Needs

12 Piece Initial & Reorder Minimums: Dive into customization without the deep-end commitment. Ideal for teams and small groups ready to make a statement.

Quality Fabrics That Speak Volumes


Our headbands aren’t just visually stunning—they’re built to perform. Using only the finest fabrics, Bendy Sports headbands promise comfort, durability, and a seamless fit. Whether it’s a high-stakes match or a rigorous training session, our headbands stand the test of time and sweat.

Personalization at No Extra Cost: Name, Number, & Logos: All Included

Personalize to your heart’s content—names, numbers, logos, you name it. And the best part? It’s all included in the price, as long as your artwork is in vector formatting. This means no hidden fees or surprises, just pure, unadulterated customization at its best.

Design Flexibility: Unleash Your Creativity

Thanks to our advanced sublimation printing process, your imagination is the only limit. From the boldest colors to the most intricate designs, our printing technology ensures your vision comes to life exactly as you’ve envisioned it. Unlimited design options mean your headbands will be as unique as your team spirit.

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