Champro Sports Sublimation Fabrics Guide

Sublimation fabrics are used to make the custom printed products we offer. More information is provided below this guide if needed. Reach out to us if you have any further questions.

The contenets section is the fabric or collection of fabrics used to make the main fabric.

The weight secion is providing the GSM weight or how heavy each fabric is. GSM stands for grams per square metre, which refers to the weight of a fabric. In general, the higher a fabric’s GSM, the thicker and more hard-wearing it’s likely to be. The chart below gives you the GSM range associated with the weight of that fabric.

HeavinessAverage GSM Range
Light Weight1-150 GSM
Medium Weight150-250 GSM
Heavy Weight250+ GSM
DRI-GEAR® (or Moisture-Wicking)

DRI-GEAR® (or Moisture-Wicking)

This is a moisture-wicking technology that keeps athletes dry and comfortable by pulling sweat away from the skin and onto the fabric’s surface for quick evaporation. It’s ideal for sports uniforms in which staying dry is crucial.